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True Team Players Brand – Promoting the Power of Unity

True Team Players Brand - Promoting the Power of Unity
True Team Players Brand - Promoting the Power of Unity

True Team Players Brand – Promoting the Power of Unity

True Team Players LLC is a family/minority/veteran-owned business spreading the message of team collaboration.

In a sincere effort to bring more positivity and unity to society today, businesses are going back to the spirit of what has created the greatest solutions to serious issues. The product line promotes the power of unity and the amazing results of working together. A “True Team Player” on your team builds stronger companies, unified peers, thriving communities, and healthy marriages and family life.  

True Team Players Brand
True Team Players Brand

Business president, Gaynor Kruse, had the vision to spread a message of teamwork and unity, and worked tirelessly to get the ball rolling. It is truly a family business started in the dining room of her Port St. Lucie home. Since her husband is an Iraq veteran, he loves the vision, having lived the importance of having team players on your team in life-and-death situations.

The whole family participates in the business as models for their brand, packing and shipping products, and carrying out other tasks. Their daughter, Danielle, has a knack for social media messaging.  

The True Team Players’ Brand hopes to work with like-minded small business communities and share the true team player idea that we as a team are stronger and more capable of completing missions with a stronger community. It is the hope to do so using the power of social media and to participate in small business events. You can support this local family-owned brand by following them on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and @trueteamplayers.

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Website – True Team Players – Shirts & Novelties

They believe if the team wins, everyone wins and encourages people to “be a team player.”  


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