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Indiantown was originally established by the Seminole  people as a trading post. It was then settled by white American migrants in the 1890s.
In 1924, Indiantown was transformed when  S. Davie Warfied  built an extension of the Seaboard Air Line Railway from Coleman, Florida to West Palm Beach, passing directly through—and stopping in—Indiantown.
Warfield planned to make Indiantown the southern hub of the Seaboard rail line.Toward that end, he planned a model city, laying out streets and building a school, housing, and a railroad station. Warfield also built the Seminole Inn, which is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

This is another place I love.

I always loved driving through but when I bought my sailboat a while back when I lived in Palm Beach County I bought it at the Indiantown Marina. This place is filled with hundred of sailboats. People store their boats here. In the fall after Hurricane Season they come and get their boats go down the canal to the St Lucie River through the crossroads and out into the Atlantic Ocean over to the Bahamas for the winter. Most people, unless they are looking, have no idea this place is there.

The Seminole Inn is another place I love. The place is spotless. The people are awesomely nice. The food is delish! Mr Warfield’s niece was Wallis Warfield Simpson, later the Duchess of Windsor, was its most famous guest. There are photo’s everywhere depicting these times. I love that Indiantown is so connected to this whole affair! On May 31, 2006, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places

Booker Park

The third place I love is Booker Park. I spent a lot of time there during an election and got to meet a lot of people who couldn’t have been nicer to me! When I went there to plant some signs, the police came and told me to get in my car and run. I said thank you and I still say thank you but I’m going back. Sometimes my work as a nurse takes me there or helping out some local candidates. I’ll always go back to Booker Park.

Indiantown is the home of Payson Park, one of the top Thoroughbred horse racing facilities in the US. Among the trainers with their champion horses who have participated in this event are William Mott, Christophe Clement, Roger Attfield, Shug McGaughey, John Kimmel, and Tom Albertrani. Monkees frontman Davy Jones also kept a stable of Thoroughbred horses in Indiantown, and it was here that he died in 2012.

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