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Boy, 16, found dead after firing shots at West Melbourne officers

Boy, 16, found dead after firing shots at West Melbourne officers

Boy, 16, found dead after firing shots at West Melbourne officers

On October 11, 2017 at 11:57pm, officers of the West Melbourne Police Department responded to a disturbance at 5140 Martin Lane, West Melbourne, FL. The caller advised her 16 year old grandson was throwing things around inside the residence. Officers arrived and then entered the home where they began interviewing family members. As this was happening, the 16 year old grandson came from a back bedroom and began firing at officers. Officers retreated towards the front door with 3 other occupants of the home as the suspect continued firing on officers. Officers were not able to return fire.

“No officers or occupants of the home were injured.
The shooter remained inside the home with at least two other occupants.

The West Melbourne Police Department Strategic Response Team is holding a perimeter on the residence. Brevard County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team is also on scene.

At this time, Martin Lane and Walker Avenue are closed. A few homes in the immediate vicinity have been evacuated.”

3:29 AM one occupant has safely escaped from the home. Shooter and one other remain inside home.

4:00 AM Other remaining occupant is believed to be adult.

4:18 AM Other remaining occupant removed from residence. We believe the only other occupant to be shooter.

4:47 AM Some homes evacuated on Martin Lane. If not evacuated, we ask that you stay inside your home if you live on Martin On.

5:33 Suspected shooter has been found deceased inside the residence.

5:35 AM Martin Lane to remain closed while investigation continues. Noises heard were NOT gunshots, but “tear gas”

5:37 AM Shooter appears to have suffered self inflicted gun shot wounds





Updates to follow as available.

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1 Comment

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