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56 Juan Ponce de Leon, the Spanish explorer, was long thought to have come ashore near St. Augustine while searching for gold. He landed at Melbourne Beach instead on April 2, 1513. It had been a month-long voyage of discovery. Ponce de Leon, as governor of Puerto Rico, had been charged by Spanish government with finding the fabled “Island of Beniny” which was alleged to contain all manner of gold and silver. Instead the explorer bumped into the North American continent.

Evidence for the presence of  Paleo-Indian in the  area during the late Pleistocene epoch was uncovered during the 1920s.

People started arrive after the civil war.  It was founded by slaves.

Melbourne Today

Melbourne today features two “old” downtown areas — Historic Downtown and Olde Eau Gallie — each with specialty shops and other attractions. Other commercial areas have developed over the years, including the busy area along Babcock Street.

Before that, in the late 1800’s, much of the activity was conducted in wooden buildings clustered along Front Street, located just north of the Harbor. Several piers jutted into the Lagoon to receive goods and travelers. Even in the evenings, the downtown activities lit up the shoreline as the steamboat “Rockledge” arrived with passengers.

Historic downtown  is  “Main Street”.  Downtown  is a charming historic district with a variety of antique stores, boutiques, restaurants and pubs, bakeries and wine shops, plus several art galleries.

I used to meet my son there when he lived in Orlando because knew there would be great food and fun #thingstodo.


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Staff Pick for  is Meg O Malleys. They have the best Irish food around and really nice staff.

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