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West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is the largest and most populous city in Palm Beach County, Florida.


Palm Beach Inlet Video: Jeff Liggett

The city is also the oldest incorporated municipality in South Florida.

When Henry Morrison Flagler first came here in 1893, he called the Lake Worth region “a veritable paradise” and decided upon a dual plan for the area. He would turn Palm Beach into a resort and he would build a commercial city across the lake for his workers. That “worker city” would become beautiful West Palm Beach.


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Things to do in the Palm Beaches




Ultimate Guide to Water Sports

Because of its proximity to the warm Gulf Stream ocean current, The Palm Beaches offer excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling on its numerous artificial reefs. From six to nearly 300 feet deep, there’s another world to explore underwater in The Palm Beaches.

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Palm Beach Zoo

The Palm Beach Zoo houses over 1,400 animals within 23 acres of lush tropical habitat. Its mission is to provide an open-air classroom of living creatures to foster awareness, appreciation and respect for the natural world. In addition to exciting animals from all over the world living in natural habitats, the zoo features a colorful carousel, an interactive water play fountain, a full service restaurant, daily performances of the “Wings Over Water” bird show.

Lion Country Safari

Lion Country Safari encompasses over 1000 animals, 5 miles of drive-though preserve, over 200 campsites, 6 stores, 2 food outlets, a water plant, a sewer plant, a veterinary hospital, an animal demonstration theater, a summer day camp, gas station, and 120 employees who work to care for animals, maintain, and operate the facility.