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Top Hurricane Supplies: Prepare for the worst. Hope for the Best.

Top Hurricane Supplies: Prepare for the worse. Hope for the Best.

Top Hurricane Supplies: Prepare for the worse. Hope for the Best.

If you have lived in the Treasure Coast for a long time or you just got here -here is your list!

Water: 1 gallon per person per day for 2 weeks. Don’t forget water for cooking, cleaning, and your pets, as well as water purification and filtration supplies.

Food: At least enough for 3 to 7 days.

Get your barbecue ready. This is when you cook all that food that is defrosting in your freezer.

During Hurricane Francis we made grilled pizza. You can also grill pineapple and drizzle chocolate sauce.

WaterProof Containers: For storing important documents (copies of wedding license, special family photos, social security card, driver’s license, map of area, etc.)

Cash: Have cash on hand in small denominations, including change. At least $20.

Manual Can Opener: Make sure to have a manual can opener in case of power outages. Treat yourself buy a new one.

Essential Kits and Medications: First-Aid Kit, Emergency Kit, prescription medications. 9. Sanitation Supplies/Personal Hygiene items: You need  three weeks worth of medication.

Light and Communication: Make sure to have a battery-operated radio, flashlight, clock, or wind-up clock (include extra batteries).

Extra Clothes, Pillows, Blankets: Stored in your emergency kit or a waterproof container.

Plastic Sheeting/Tarps: After a hurricane, you can use plastic sheeting or tarps to cover any holes or damage to your roof until it can be fixed. Make sure your tarps are in good condition; heavy winds can easily damage them.

Insect Repellent: This is a product that may be overlooked when packing our emergency supplies, but it’s good to have, especially in a hurricane.

Toilet Paper

2 weeks worth of pet food

Whistle and Flares: Whistles are excellent tools to help you signal for help. Whistles are more effective than yelling or shouting because they can signal for help well beyond the range of your voice and with a lot less effort, allowing you to conserve energy.

My suggestion is buy somethings this weekend that your going to use anyway. Make sure you have water. You can drink it after hurricane season. Buy some food items in a can. If you don’t use you can donate around Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you have children you can definitely  put that whistle to use. You live in Florida. The lights are always going out. Buy a flashlight. If you have a generator make sure it works.

Let us know your suggestions!

Here are more suggestions:

Lisa Jefferson Solar LED lawn lights-charge during the day & you have some light at night w/o using up batteries.

Lisa Jefferson My grandmother, who went through several bad hurricanes, said to put your breakables in your dresser drawer with your clothes to pad them.


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