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Stuart and Martin consider breaking 4 story limit

Stuart and Martin consider breaking 4 story limit

Stuart and Martin consider breaking 4 story limit

At the Oct. 5 meeting of the Local Planning Agency, county staff proposed changes in the policy on building height in Chapter 2 of the comp plan to eliminate language that explains the height limit and how it is measured and enforced.

Dozens of residents spoke out in support of the four-story height limit. They asked the LPA to leave the language alone.

Despite public support for the existing language, the staff recommendation was adopted by the LPA. It goes to the Martin County Commission today,  Oct. 24, for preliminary approval.

Martin County staff is recommending removal of language from the Comp Plan and suggesting that residents simply trust present and future Commissioners to protect the 4-story height limit, water quality in our rivers and estuary, and other critical measures set out in Chapter 2 of the Plan.

According to Ginny Sherlock:

“Staff says it’s too hard to prepare reports that provide information that is vital to good planning.  In fact, staff recommends removing a sentence from Chapter 2 that says:
“Good planning must be based on accurate information that is readily available.”
You can also e-mail commissioners at,,,, and, with copies to the County Administrator and the County Attorney at and

Martin Memorial wants to build above the four story limit.

 Martin Medical Center’s proposal to build above the city’s four-story height limit likely is being pushed back a second time.  Hospital officials earlier this month asked the Stuart commission to delay voting on its plan until Dec. 11, according to a letter from Lawrence Crary, attorney for Martin Memorial Medical Center Inc. The hospital — part of the larger Martin Health System — needs time for ongoing public input on its plan to build up to 150 feet, according to Crary. 



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