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School Zone Speed Limits

School Zone Speed Limits
School Zone Speed Limits

School Zone Speed Limits

TreasureCoast, Fl ( Here is a review of School Zone speed limits and some other pertinent reminders.
Back to School – School Zone Speed Limits
It’s that time of year again that our children are back in school starting tomorrow. Please pay attention to your speed while traveling through the “School Zone”.
Under Florida State Statue 316.1895(10), the speed limit is 20 MPH in school zone. Exceeding the speed limit may cost you;
• 20-25 mph over the 20 mph limit: $138.00
• 25-30 mph over the 20 mph limit: $288.00
• 30-35 mph over the 20 mph limit: $388.00
• 35-40 mph over the 20 mph limit: $438.00
• 30 mph over the posted 20 mph limit $500.00
Speed Limits – School Zone

The speed limit in a School Zone is 20 mph unless posted otherwise.

If you speed in a School Zone and are given a speeding ticket your fine will be doubled and you may be required to attend traffic school.

School zones are marked with a sign that indicates where the school zone starts and where it ends.

Speed Limits – Too Fast or Too Slow

In Florida you can get a traffic ticket for driving too fast or too slow.

On Florida highways like the Turnpike and I-95 the maximum speed is 70 mph unless otherwise posted.

Driving too Slow:

If you are on a highway such as the Turnpike you can be given a traffic ticket for driving too slow.

The speed limit posted on a Florida interstate is 70 mph. If you drive slower than 50 mph on a Florida interstate (posted 70 mph) you may be issued a traffic ticket.

Driving on an interstate below 50 mph will slow down traffic and it is unsafe with other cars around you traveling at higher speeds.

Speed Limits – Racing

Racing on Florida roads or highways is extremely dangerous.

If you are caught racing in Florida your license may be revoked, which means the termination of your driving privilege.

If you encounter another driver trying to race you – ignore them and do not race.

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