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The Honest Broker: Offsite Storage Demand Increasing

The Honest Broker :Associations and Qualifications of Emotional Support Animals (ESA

The Honest Broker: Offsite Storage Demand Increasing


Developments that are governed by a Homeowner Association (HOA) or Condo Association have increasingly placed restrictions on types of vehicles, or other forms of transportation that can park within their community’s boundaries. The restriction or prohibition of trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles allowed to park have led to a demand to seek alternatives for a secure alternative.  The extensive rise of storage facilities dotting our cities has shown that this alternative has become the solution.  The better storage companies are walled or fenced, are secured by gate access via a code or card, has 24/7 camera surveillance or possibly manned by security guards.  It provides a safe place to “park” them until you’re ready to use it. 

On the other hand, if you must keep your stored item/vehicle away from your home, it makes it difficult to provide maintenance on it, pack it (RV) for trips away, or clean it. It can be quite costly as the demand increases along with the fact that larger companies are absorbing the “mom and pop” facilities and raising prices across the board.  Storage facilities are usually in less populated areas or industrial areas and ease and safety should be considered when going during non-daylight hours.  

This demonstrates that when deciding to purchase or live in an HOA with community parking restrictions then you should take vehicle storage into consideration, including the cost, availability of space, safety, and ease of accessibility to the facility. If the desire to have your vehicle at hand is important, then searching outside of a planned development might be the desired direction that you end up moving in. 

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