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FWC final report on Austin and Perry’s disappearance

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FWC final report on Austin and Perry’s disappearance

The FWC has determined that Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen had a “weather related incident” at Sea which caused their vessel to capsize. They release the final report related to the forensic investigation.

The report concludes that the boat was running and the motor became submerged at the time of the accident.

It also concluded that there is not enough evidence to confirm any particular scenerio on what happened that day other than the boat took on water and capsized.

The Coast Guard had    previously released a lengthy report detailing why their search efforts for missing teens Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen focused on the Bahamian coastline.

Several friends of Austin and Perry reported the boys were planning a day fishing trip to the Bahamas.

A close friend of the family  told investigators she saw the boys leave with 2 extra gas cans. She said this implied that they were expecting to go further than they normally would.

The U.S. Coast Guard report outlined how it expanded its search to the Bahamas after seeing additional texts and maps. They said this  confirmed the teens intent of traveling to the Bahamas.

After several days of searching the Bahamas, the U.S. Coast Guard located the boys boat off the coast of New Smyrna Beach, but it was gone when they went back to tow it in.

In March, the capsized boat containing Austin’s cell phone were recovered off the coast of Bermuda.

We will update when we get more information.


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