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Congressman Mast calls for lower Lake O levels

Congressman Mast calls for lower Lake O levels

Congressman Mast calls for lower Lake O levels

Stuart, Fl- There was a meeting in Stuart last week to discuss the idea of lowering Lake Okeechobee during the dry season in an effort to reduce the needs of the discharges during the rainy season.

Congressman Brian Mast said that by lowering the lake during the dry season, you reduce the need of discharges during the rainy season.

 The Army Corp and SFWMD says that there’s a lot of needs to balance, and those who live and work on Lake Okeechobee say that lowering the lake too much during the dry season could lead to a drought. SFWMD used extreme examples, didn’t give an inch and couldn’t even conceive of taking an inch off never mind more. The ACOE cited the LORS schedule and why they need to go by the book. They go by the book no matter what. They send us poison in the name of keeping the people around the lake safe. We take it for the team. Our team understands the issue. The other team-the EAA team does not because instead of standing with us and saying this could be a great solution they give 50 reasons why the lake should not be lowered one inch. None of those reasons have to do with safety of the people around the lake. 

It’s very confusing when you are told that the issue is keeping the people around the lake safe and then when you find a solution that would work for everyone the real truth comes out. We are last on the list. It does not matter.

The question Congressman Mast is asking is this: How low can the lake go and people still get the water they need? He’s not saying suck all the water out. Earnie Marks talked about people in PBC not being able to water their grass. Seriously?

Rebecca Fatzinger

Rebecca Fatzinger


You can watch the entire video here:

You should watch the entire video.

Some good comments from Congressman Mast at 48:00 and then at the end.

Here is a video of Congressman Brian Mast at the press conference after:









  1. Bill Hilbert

    08/20/2018 at 3:48 pm

    Thank you Brian Mast. You did not get committment but you created awareness. Will you keep pushing? Our city needs this done. Clean water. It’s simple when you look at it. The money that was on the ballot 2 years ago should have helped yet we are again in the same situation. Not on you
    This is on the big sugar money. Not only do the effect the water but the air when they burn off the fields. Keep pushing Brian. You got my vote in Novembet. Please raise this to the national level.

  2. theshrubqueen

    09/17/2018 at 9:00 am

    Cyndi, is your original blog gone? And thanks for the Brian Mast post. Lawn is a big deal, hopefully they will require reuse water for all of it. That would solve another problem on a different level.

    • Cyndi

      09/17/2018 at 9:17 am

      nope my blog still on wordpress

      • theshrubqueen

        09/17/2018 at 9:41 am

        Haven’t seen it in ages. Sometimes things fall off of Follow. Will have to reconnect. Does anybody ever ask or talk about reuse water?

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