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Originally from Boston she went to  little private prep school in Harvard Square. She had always intended it to be in journalism but after a trip and a year in Israel she decided on medicine to Nursing School.CYndi never stopped writing: programs, policies and procedures and lots of nursing notes. She has been outspoken for the rights of patients and especially about Mental illness.

About ten years ago she went to Film School and became a documentary film maker. She have worked on some films with national implications that have won many awards. Her own short documentary won multiple awards and played around the world.

Her passion is documenting the truth. Being a nurse she is used to being very upfront. It’s also made her tolerant and logical.

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She’s the only one around here that had to get a drug test and finger prints in order to work.

Ethics as a nurse and as a multi media journalist. This year she joined the
National Press Photographers Association. They have Ethics. She likes it. It keeps her honest.

She lives in Jensen Beach with Kodi the dog and Meme the cat. Her favorite food group is coffee.

Cyndi’s writes a lot about the local issues with the water, local politics and anything else that she thinks people need to know about.