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ACOE will cut back discharges

Water continues to rise in Lake Okeechobee

ACOE will cut back discharges

Hopefully they will end soon.

The Gates are Open! Photo: Marjorie Shropshire
The Gates are Open!
Photo: Marjorie Shropshire

The Army Corp of Engineers is set to cut back discharges from Lake Okeechobee today. The water level in the lake has dropped 3 inches over the past week , and discharges will drop from just over a billion gallons of water per day, down to just over 750 million gallons of water per day.  If the dry weather continues for another month, the discharges could soon stop entirely. That’s a stark difference from earlier this month when over 2 billion gallons of water were being released from the lake each day, and officials were saying the discharges could continue through May. However, rain is in the forecast over the next few days before another dry spell hits us next week.


Post Script from Cyndi:

This is good news but unless there is clean water flowing south this will never end. The land should have been bought last year and we could have been on our way to saving ourselves, saving the everglades, saving the water of South Florida and saving the Florida Bay. Just because the discharges stop doesn’t mean the problem is over.


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