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A few community reminders for all of us!

A few community reminders for all of us!

Jensen Beach, Fl ( – As we get ready to celebrate our the coming of 2022 here are a few things we can be more mindful of.


Many people enjoy the booming sounds and flashing lights of fireworks, but they can be terrifying and overwhelming for pets⁠—and possibly hazardous.The noise and unpredictability of fireworks leads many dogs to perceive them as a threat. This triggers their fight-or-flight response. Your dog may bark at the noises or try to run away and hide. He may show other signs of anxiety, too, like restlessness, panting, pacing and whining.

A few community reminders for all of us!
A few community reminders for all of us!

1. Keep your pet safely away from fireworks

Pets are more sensitive to loud noises, flashing lights and strong smells. It’s best to leave your pets safely indoors, preferably with a radio or TV turned on to soften jarring noises. Even pets who are usually kept outdoors should be brought inside.

If you are going to an  event and cannot leave your pet unattended at home, keep them leashed and under your direct control at all times.

2. If your pet is scared by fireworks, ask a veterinarian for help

There are medications and techniques that might help alleviate your pet’s fear and anxiety. Here are some  suggestions for helping your dog cope with loud noises.

3. Protect your pet from heat stroke

NEVER leave your pet in a parked car, even if the day doesn’t seem that warm. The temperature outside may be a balmy 72 degrees, but the temperature inside a closed vehicle can rocket to a fatal 116 degrees in less than an hour.

4. Safeguard your pet with a collar and ID tag

All pets, even those kept indoors full-time, should always wear collars with ID tags. Indoor-only pets can become so frightened during fireworks displays that they may take desperate measures to escape the noise, including breaking through windows or door screens. You should also ensure that your pet is microchipped and that the chip is properly registered with your current contact information.

Here is a good article to read

Why Fireworks Scare Some Dogs but Not Others

Dogs at the Beach

I’ve seen a lot written about dogs at the beach. Each County has different rules.

Martin County Parks and Beaches:

Dogs and other pets are generally permitted in Martin County parks and beaches during hours of operation, so long as the pet is properly restrained. St Lucie County beaches pets are prohibited on all city beaches. The only dog-friendly beach in St. Lucie County the county’s Walton Rocks Beach/Dog Park, 6700 S. Ocean Drive, near the Martin County line.

INDIAN RIVER SHORES is the only beach in Indian River County.  You can read this article.

Pooches poised to play in surf, sand as town OKs Indian River County’s first dog beaches

In PBC there is only one dog beach (jupiter beach) so moving up here and having the  privilege of taking my Kodi to the beach on a leash has been a wonderful treat. We still bring a bucket  and clean up the Garbage.

Don’t forget to pick up your poop! Bring a bucket and a bag.

Don’t litter!

Pick  up your garbage take your recycling home.

In Martin County there are garbage cans at almost every beach. There are no recycling bins. We all have brand new giant bins! How will we ever fill them up but none are at our beaches. Littering is everywhere I go.

Indian River does a fabulous job.

Here is an article that I wrote

Kudos to Indian River County clean beaches! Great example for St Lucie and Martin!

The saddest story I have heard is massive amounts of trash have been left at the mansion on the Island that decorate with amazing lights and open their home to all.

Please try to be mindful of these small things  for the good of our community!


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