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Video: St Lucie Locks gross disgusting water. Where are the leaders?

Video St Lucie Locks gross disgusting water. Where are the leaders?

Video: St Lucie Locks gross disgusting water. Where are the leaders?

Here is a video by River Warrior Kenny Hinkle Jr. Kenny tried to do a video from the locks but you cannot get in. He was also told he could not use his drone.

This is what is coming out the locks.

Before this onslaught the St Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon was looking great.

I just did a search to see if any of our political leaders have even talked about this. If I’m wrong I’m happy to post who has said anything to this date. I’m not saying they didn’t. I’m saying I could not find anything by searching. If i’m wrong


BOCC: ST. Lucie nothing

City of Stuart: nothing

City of Port St Lucie: nothing

Representative Gayle B Harrell: nothing

Representative Mary Magar: nothing

Senator Joe Negron: nothing

This was based on a google search with the name, lake Okeechobee discharges. I’m happy to be wrong.

Now maybe the Martin Commish that said we needed a sales tax because people needed to “pay to drive on our roads.” will understand why we thought that statement was ludicrous.

Looking forward to hearing statements from all our leaders as to what they are doing to save us and our water.








  1. Stacey Hetherington

    10/21/2017 at 2:52 pm

    I’m not sure about news articles but I have been to several meetings where the discharges have been discussed as a priority recently. Particularly with Senator Negron and Rep. Harrell. I think a copy of this video and the story of how discharges are destroying our river, shores, beaches and entire surrounding ecosystem should be sent to other leaders in the house, senate and around the state. It’s not enough for our own delegation to support solving our water problems. We need the support of other leaders around the state. Just this week, Senator Negron said at a meeting that we are acutely aware and have prioritized working to solve our water problems but other counties and other leaders have their own area priorities as well. It should be made abundantly clear to leaders all across the state the devastating condition of our waterways. As I attend state meetings I have these conversations with other leaders and I will gladly take on the challenge of informing leaders around the State about the destruction of our waterways.

    • Cyndi

      10/21/2017 at 2:57 pm

      Stacey amazing! That would be awesome! And as you talk to our leaders they need to speak to their constituents and let know they find this situation unacceptable. I truly hope we can go forward and solve this!

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