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Two more dogs fighting for their lives -When will it end?

Two more dogs fighting for their lives -When will it end?

Two more dogs fighting for their lives -When will it end?

Yesterday, two more dogs ended up at the Emergency veterinarian  in Martin County.

This is what is happening to these dogs. First they start vomiting and then they become lethargic. They need platelets immediately because their blood is  not clotting. Their liver enzymes are off the charts.

They bleed to death. They bleed to death. If they can get past the bleeding crisis, their livers are injured for months maybe forever.

Sammy and Savvy
Sammy and Savvy

Here is a map of the dogs affected. Every dog lives along the St Lucie River.

map martin

Meanwhile, at the Martin County Board of County Commissioners its life as usual because there is no warnings, no pin posts, not a word! This is nothing new. The BOCC historically downplays any kind of water issues. It’s like fairy dust created by Leprechauns in the river. Crickets!

This year it took over a month for them to have a meeting. They were totally resistant to put up any warning signs. At the beginning, the toxic cyanobacteria was dangerous for pets, children and people with immune system disorders. Total resistance. It’s like watching the mayor from Jaws but even more pathetic. At least the mayor acknowledged there was an issue. Here is Martin County its just ignored.


Same thing goes for the City of Stuart. Crickets.


martin county board of commission website

Meanwhile the county did one thing. They hired these people to suck the algae out of the river. The locks are open and it comes back the next day. The people doing the work are not wearing any protective gear at all. A total waste of money.

Instead of wasting 700,000 this money should go towards the thousands of dollar spent in vet bills.

We will keep you updated. You can join #toxic18 and keep up the issues.


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