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Tiger get’s DUI diversion program

Tiger pleads guilty to reckless driving

Tiger get’s DUI diversion program.

Tiger Woods has made a deal to enter the  Palm Beach County State Attorney’s diversion program for first time offenders. 

The Plea was to a reckless driving charge.

Under the plea deal, prosecutors would drop the DUI charge, which is a more severe charge than reckless driving. If he completes the program, he can ask a judge to expunge the reckless driving conviction.

In the diversion program, Woods will spend a year on probation, pay a $250 fine and court costs. He would also have to attend DUI school and perform 50 hours of community service. Then he would also have to attend a workshop where victims of impaired drivers detail how their lives were damaged and face other conditions.

If convicted of DUI, Woods would have faced a fine of between $500 and $1,000. He would have also had his car impounded for 10 days and other conditions.

Palm Beach County is only one of four counties in the state to offer this type of program. The program is endorsed by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD),

The legislature has given the counties and judicial district local option to create a diversion program if they choose according to Michael Kessler of The Kessler Law Firm.


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