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Save the Date: Awake the State

Guest Post By: Cyndi Lenz

Save January 12,2016 for Florida Awake the State. This year the Treasure Coast will have our very  own “Awake the State” group at 4 PM. The Meeting place will be the River Warrior Lodge.

Thank you to Mary Westcott Higgins, candidate for State Representative for District 82 for bringing “Awake the State” to the Treasure Coast.

Facebook Page for Treasure Coast Awake the State

Facebook Page for Awake the State Florida



We will rally on the bridge to “Awake the State”  the first day of Legislative Session. We will “Awake the State” with signs addressing our concerns. Then, we will have snacks and drinks at the Lodge.

Awake The State is an organic, grassroots movement of everyday Floridians fighting to protect and restore our middle class.

This is a non partisan event.

From the “Awake the State” website.

“Gov. Rick Scott and his extreme allies in the Legislature have launched an all-out assault on Florida’s middle class. They’ve put our public schools in danger, harmed the quality of health care Floridians receive, and cost our communities thousands their jobs.

Floridians are fed up with their governor and legislative leaders insisting on extreme, regressive policies that hurt hard working Floridians. Enough is enough.

It’s time to Awake The State and urge our state legislators to end the war on our middle class and instead work to protect and restore our middle class by investing in our future.”

We are being assaulted by all sides by the very people who were elected to protect us.

From the Awake the state website

Commonly Asked Questions

What is Awake the State and how did it begin?
Ever since Gov. Scott and legislative leaders announced their plans to cut thousands of jobs, raise taxes on middle class Floridians and make the deepest cuts to education in history, people from all across the state have been looking for a way to voice their opposition.

Progress Florida, Florida Watch Action and America Votes joined together to provide a platform for everyday Floridians to make their voices heard. In 2011, Awake the State started as a Facebook page that quickly grew to thousands strong who organized rallies in cities all across the state of Florida on March 8th, the opening day of the legislative session.

Who is behind it?
Awake the State is made up of Floridians from every walk of life including educators, healthcare workers, police and firefighters, advocates for consumers, middle class families and more.

So please join in so we can all make a difference.


Cyndi Lenz
Cyndi Lenz

About Cyndi:

Psych Nurse  Award Winning  Documentary Filmmaker Vlogger Blogger Photographer Crazed River Warrior of the Indian River Lagoon. 

Her photographs and video  have been published in magazines, published books, and documentaries. She resides in Jensen Beach, Florida with her golden retriever Barney and MeMe the cat.
For more info:





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