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Rose said if not Chase someone else would have closed the race

Beach clean up and trash creation with Chase Lurgio

“He asked me to meet him at the elections office so he would have someone with experience there to go over the paperwork he was signing.  If the young man hadn’t filed as a write-in candidate, I am confident that a representative of the Republican Party would have closed the race, just like they did in the District 3 race. But of course no one is talking about that race.” Ron Rose, Facebook.

John Schierbaum closed out the race with Anne Scott and Harold Jenkins. Schierbaum continually has been active serving on the Martin County Republican Executive Committee. He understood the consequences of closing out the race.

Why is wrong with the Martin County Republican Party?  How can they choose one Republican over another? Maybe the people of Martin county need to rethink the people who are running their party. They can’t  even be fair to be people in their own party. These kind of tactics are not Republican. Not what I signed up for when I moved here. I expected fiscally conservative people but also people understood the economy depends on the water.

What if we had a campaign to make this a dry county? People would be put out of business because their profits depend on people drinking. Why can’t people see that having gross stinky water  does the same thing. We could have a rich economy with paddle boards and kayaks , boats and sailboats. We could have smart growth of cool buildings and not ugly ones that are a travesty. All those people that come need to eat, buy gas, have a place to stay. Economics 101. Why are we not tapping into tourism 101. Visit Florida spends millions of dollars to get tourists internationally to come here. When you talk to them about Martin County they apologize while they are are sending tourists with good tourist dollars to other places.

Ron Rose told a friend of mine that owns a yoga studio and wanted to have a table at Jammin Jensen that he didn’t want any of “her”kind here. What does that even mean? We don’t wanted grounded people?  We don’t want kind people? We don’t want smart people?

Is this why Ron doesn’t want clean water. He doesn’t want that kind of element here. We rather not have people here that are concerned for the environment because that would spoil the end game of destroying us.

Just another day of thuggery in Martin County.

Chase did not know the consequences of his actions. He had a person who he believed was trying to help him.  A person who was suppose know what he was doing to take him under his wing and help him out.  It wasn’t illegal. But it was immoral. and it was exploitative and and a bit predatory. It just feels creepy. It feels icky.

This has nothing to do with Jacqui. This has to do with someone taking advantage of someone else.

How many more people are afraid of the consequences of having deal with this man?

When asked if someone told Chase the consequences on the Facebook this was the answer”Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce” What consequences? Do you have a magic ball that told you that Jacqui would have won in a universal primary?”

This is our chamber of commerce folks. What else is going on down there?

It’s not the point. The point is people need to be able to run in a fair election. “Everybody does it” is what your teenager tells you when you catch them drinking for the first time. Not the answer of a person who is  suppose to be a community leader.

We now know that Ron Rose help Chase fill out his paperwork. We also know that he helped him to  write the letter to the TC Palm. We know when Ron doesn’t like what you say he mutes you. There is no listening and no reasoning. He just takes your voice away. Who else has he muted in the name of the Jensen Beach Chamber of Commerce?

I do know that Chase and his family cares deeply for the river.

My question to  Ron, the Martin County Republican Party and to downtown Jensen is this: Why do you not want clean water?

I say vote for Chase Lurgio. Let’s surround him and support him. It’s the least we can do for all everything our community has put him through. He’s a good kid. A bright kid. He deserve a bright future.





  1. Ellen Gittin

    10/27/2016 at 8:07 am

    One of the MOST spot-on assessments I’ve seen regarding the summary of events. I personally made a comment on Ron Rose’s post regarding this issue on Facebook. If my comment lasted 6 hours before being deleted, I’m being generous about the amount of time it was available be viewed.

    I find Chase to be a highly intelligent, charismatic, hard working young man. He is a supporter of our River and estuaries but also has some thoughts on other issues within Martin County. And believe if you have a question for him, simply reach out to him and ask. I think this young man was simply a pawn in a very wicked game of chess.

    Time to clean up our river AND our political house and process. Write in CHASE LURGIO (County Commissioner District 1)

    • Cyndi Lenz

      10/27/2016 at 8:14 am

      Ellen Hi! Thank you. I have spent some time rolling it around in my brain and this is what I came up with. It freaks me out that someone did this someone’s child without caring about Chase at all! It’s beyond business as usual. It’s downright creepy. Thank you for all you have done. All my best Cyndi

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