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Please Support the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital

Please Support the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital

Please Support the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital.

(and do not automatically blame the cat!)

This past Wednesday I was hoping for a nice day off to get caught up. I walked out the side door and there was the neighborhood cat. He was meowing at me so I knew something was amiss. My neighbor came over with a little bird. He said there was something wrong with the birds wing. I offered to bring the bird to the Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital.

I put the little guy in my cat carrier. (Little guy ended up being a female)

I put the little guy in the cat carrie

I put the little guy in the cat carrier

Then I took off for the Wildlife Hospital.

On the way I thought about how lucky we are to have a place to bring these hurt critters. I pulled in and was greeted by Staff.

Unfortunately, little guy was D.O.A. I was told one of the eyes was clawed out.

So, now I’m blaming the cat.

When I got home I went to my neighbor and asked him what happened. He said the bird had hit his roof while flying. Then, the bird fell to the ground an one of his dogs picked up and brought to him. Ahhhh So sorry cat!

He then said he was sorry I drove all the way out there. I told him not to be sorry because I was happy to go and see what’s happening there.

Many birds rehabbing

Many birds rehabbing


The Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital (TCWH) is a private not-for-profit corporation, dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and the conservation of natural habitats.  All funding for our efforts comes from public and private grants and from concerned people from the community.  Their goals include the rehabilitation and return to the wild of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals, as well as informational services directed toward the public at large.  The Wildlife Hospital is the only facility of its kind serving Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Okeechobee, and Palm Beach counties in Florida.

TCWH operates a comprehensive medical and rehabilitative facility for the care of wild animals. They accepts  thousands of wild patients each year, providing treatment for animals as diverse as bobcats, eagles, alligators, and songbirds. Roughly 10 per cent of the animals treated belong to “Listed” species (Endangered, Threatened, Species of Special Concern). Upon completion of their rehabilitation, these animals are returned to suitable wild habitats.

Your Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital is a community resource. Educators and homeowners, tourists and residents alike, all benefit from our various programs and services. Your membership in the TCWH will allow them to continue these efforts.


June 25, 2017

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