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Necropsy said Snooty died from drowning

Necropsy said that Snooty died from drowning

Necropsy said that Snooty died from drowning.

Snooty the Manatees necropsy is complete.  Officials are saying Monday he died from drowning.

The death of the beloved 69-year-old manatee came not long after a celebration of his 69th birthday. The South Florida Museum announced Snooty’s death on Sunday.

“A quick assessment showed that an underwater hatch that’s used to access plumbing that’s associated with our life support system had somehow been knocked loose and was opened,” Jeff Rodgers, Provost and Chief Operating Officer of the South Florida Museum, had said Sunday.

“The young manatees were able to get in and out of that, but it appears that Snooty was able to get into the area, but he was not able to extract himself from that situation.”

According to museum officials, Snooty was born on July 21, 1948, at the Miami Aquarium and Tackle Company. This was the first recorded birth of a manatee in human care.

A representative from the museum said even in his death Snooty can teach us a lot. He said we can learn about elderly manatees and even humans from looking at his brain.

We all mourn the loss of Snooty over here in the Treasure Coast. 

Here is the Facebook Live of the press conference.

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