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The Honest Broker: Real Estate is a Service Profession


The Honest Broker: Real Estate is a Service Profession

Real Estate professionals should be service oriented to their clients. This is accomplished with providing exceptional service with their client’s needs and wants, but especially with conducting seamless transactions. This entails that they are organized and are always a step ahead of any potential problems that may arise.

A good realtor will pay close attention to details, including the contractual dates, the follow through with a mortgage broker for any financing “hiccups” and the follow through with the title company. These are utmost important when accomplishing a flawless closed sale for the buyer and the seller. Being on their toes, anticipating, preventing or circumventing any issues that may arise throughout the contractual period is crucial for a realtor.

This all leads back to the fact that when choosing representation, it is important to make sure that an experienced realtor is at the top of the “must haves” along with your house needs (beds, baths, etc.).

The realtor and their attention to detail and service throughout the process of home buying or selling is key
to a positive result. If at the end of it all, you can say that you “couldn’t have done it without your realtor’s help and guidance”, then you have chosen wisely and they have provided the best service possible to you and your family.

Diane Lott, Broker

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