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The Honest Broker : Creating Work & Study Spaces in small areas


The Honest Broker : Creating Work & Study Spaces in small areas


Nowadays, as our children are increasingly going to school from home or being home schooled, and our jobs afford us with the ability to work from home more and more, there is a giant need for efficient and effective areas to conduct business and or study. However, not all people or families have an extra room for this purpose.  Also, a lot of children are not very effective or productive if they are sent to their rooms to do class work or study.  Therefore, we need to think about creating a workspace from small areas in our home.  

Floating Desk

Mounting a desk on a wall below some shelves is the simplest way to turn any space into a workspace. A small storage cart or file cabinet can fit below it. Add a chair and you have created a space to work in.  Most commonly, people turn a part of their living room or bedroom into their home office because these rooms are typically the most spacious and the least cluttered ones. 

Take Advantage of Space Under Your Staircase

When creating a small home office, you shouldn’t overlook any part of your home because they can all potentially be converted into a workspace. For example, if you live in a two-story house or a large apartment with a staircase, you can use the space under it to install a small desk with some drawers. This space can be painted, decorated and exterior doors placed so that when the workday is done, just close the doors.

Repurpose Your Closet

Turn your closet into an office. Find a desk or even 2 small desks that can fit inside, or a piece of wood that you can prop between two walls.  You can also add accessories to embellish your new office by using shelves, a corkboard, painting a chalk board on one of the walls, add baskets or containers above the desk for organization. Leave the doors on to prevent clutter into the living space.

That Alcove Can Be Your Office

 A small, recessed section in your living or dining room easily be transformed into an office. Prop up a piece of wood between two walls and give that space some personality. This is one of the most creative small home office ideas you’ll ever come across.

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