Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed bill that would have banned plastic straw ban

Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed bill that would have banned plastic straw ban

Tallahassee, Fl (treasurecoast.com)- Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has vetoed a bill that would have prevented Florida’s local governments from banning plastic straws. DeSantis rejected the environmental regulation bill Friday, his first veto since taking office earlier this year. The legislation originally addressed issues with contaminated recyclable materials but was amended to include a moratorium on local regulations of single-use plastic straws until 2024. A legislative analysis of the bill lists 10 Florida cities with straw bans, including Miami Beach, St. Petersburg and Fort Lauderdale. DeSantis wrote in the veto that the bans hadn’t frustrated any state policy or harmed state interests. He says the Florida Department of Environmental Protection is encouraging residents to reduce plastic straw use. He added that residents who oppose the local bans should elect new city commissioners.


We are not big fans of bans but we are huge fans of being proactive in the single use of the plastics and of local control. The Florida Legislature this past session seemed hellbent on taking away local control. They could have very easily not done this. This year the legislature seemed to be about controlling the citizenry not representing it.

Plastic is a huge issue -here are some things we can do as free citizens to help.

Here is a good article for ten simple things you can do!

 Single-Use Plastics you can Quit Right Now (and What to use Instead)

Here are a few suggestions!

1) Get rid of Plastic Straws unless medically necessary.

2) Plastic Water Bottles

Would love to see water fountains which are very germy replaced with water filling stations. Even paying for it would be acceptable to refill a water bottle.

3) Coffee Cups with Plastic Lids

4) Plastic Bags

5) Six Pack Rings



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