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Florida’s Coast and waterways at a crossroads

Aug 3, 2017 Lake Okeechobee Filled with Toxic Algae

Florida’s Coast and waterways at a crossroads

A new report says Florida’s coasts and waterways are at a crossroads. This is following a year when both were traumatized by red tide and blue-green algae.

The report released Wednesday by Ocean Conservancy provides a synopsis of Florida’s water problems and a summary of solutions.

The report notes that last year had the worst blue-green algae bloom in Florida history. Florida also had a devastating red tide outbreak that killed hundreds of animals and cost coastal communities millions of dollars. It says that Floridians should be working to eliminate ocean trash by participating in beach clean-ups and ending nutrient runoff into waterways from agriculture and septic tanks.

The report also recommends raising the Tamiami Trail so that more water from Lake Okeechobee can flow into the Everglades and Florida Bay.



  1. Holly Martel

    02/07/2019 at 9:12 am

    Do you really think sending more highly polluted water through the everglades and in to Florida bay will help? It is just moving the pollution from one place to another. The Florida bay already has a huge dead spot in it from these waters. How about we treat the water coming from the lake before we release it. Better yet let us stop the polluters from continually polluting the waters in the first place.

    • Cyndi

      02/08/2019 at 7:30 am

      Holly -you can’t send polluted water to the Everglades. There is a lawsuit that prevents it. The point of the reservoir is that it will store and convey water south. As for the pollution that will also be worked on with our new Gov. Essentially water flow is federal, nutrients are state. Have some faith that the multiple Everglades Scientists actually know what they are talking about.

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