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Tune-Up Tuesday


The Elliott Museum

Join Deena Rahill, in-person Sound Vibrational Healing from the Elliott Museum’s Theater.

Experience an hour of the pure bliss of sound vibration. When we feel out of balance, our energy system may be compromised. Sound Meditation is the practice of “re-tuning” the human being back to ideal frequencies through a universal physical and biological principle known as Sonic Entrainment. The Human body’s innate intelligence knows what feels harmonious, and it tunes into that frequency, restoring you to your natural resonance. These sound vibrations bring us back into a harmonic balance of our actual physical and emotional well-being through entrainment. I invite you to relax on a yoga mat or chair with the intent of realigning your energy. Sound Vibration (often known as sound healing or sound bath) is an ancient practice allowing sounds to assist you in reaching a deep state of relaxation. It’s an invitation into an opportunity to disconnect from your busy life and external stimuli, allowing your healing to take place. During the event, participants lie down (please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow and wear comfortable clothes) and are bathed head to toe in sound vibration — it’s an ethereal experience. You will come away with a clear mind and a deeper appreciation for the wonder of sound. Deena strongly recommends this event for people who have trouble meditating or feel like they just “can’t get there”. This is a powerful moment for you to unwind, raise your consciousness, and enter a blissful and mindful state. Please know you can schedule a private session or create your group. Tel 786-488-778 tickets: www.soundvibration.net


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