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Driver in fatal crash that killed five was  driving an estimated 97 mph and under the influence

estimated 97 mph

Driver in fatal crash that killed five was  driving an estimated 97 mph and under the influence

St Lucie County, Fl- According to  FHP  the man who collided into the back of the victims vehicle, causing it to burst into flames, was driving an estimated 97-mph in a 30mph zone, and was under the influence.

Tanner Ray Dashner, 21, was driving an estimated 97 mph in a 30 mph zone south on South 25th Street when his SUV slammed into the back of a  Dodge Dakota at Midway Road.

The Dodge, driven by Kedan Tillett, 27, of Fort Pierce, and a 2003 BMW 325i in front of it had been stopped at the red light at Midway Road.

Dashner didn’t slow down as the Dodge and BMW began to accelerate from a stop after the red light turned green.

Dashner’s GMC hit the Dodge, which then crashed into the BMW. The GMC struck the Dodge a second time. The Dodge’s gas tank “was compromised and ignited into a fire,” the report states.

One person was pulled from the car and the rest perished in the fire.

In the five-page FHP report, Dashner is listed as being “under the influence.” It also states he “operated motor vehicle in erratic, reckless or aggressive manner.”

Further, the report states Dashner is suspected of alcohol use, but unknown for drug use. Results of blood tests for alcohol and drugs were listed as pending.

Earlier this week the victim’s families have been calling for the driver, 21-year old Tanner Dashner, to be arrested.

Dashner is the son of a St Lucie County Fire Captain. Officials say threats have been made against the fire department in the wake of the accident, causing sheriff’s deputies to accompany firefighters on some of their calls.

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