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Dog dies at Earls Hideaway after being left in car

Dog dies at Earls Hideaway after being left in car

Dog dies at Earls Hideaway after being left in car

Sebastian,Fl – A dog has died after being left in a hot car at Earl’s Hideaway.

According to the Sebastian Police they were dispatched to Earls on June 21 at On 6/21/18 at approximately 3:54 pm.

The call was in reference to a disturbance. When the officer got there Harold Krages was being escorted off the premises. 

One of the witnesses said that while Krages was being escorted out he stated, “What about my dog?” When  asked what dog Krages was referring to, Krages stated that he had a dog in his vehicle. At that point several patrons began to argue with Krages who responded by stating that the dog was old and was going to die anyway. The patrons then removed the dog from the vehicle and brought it over to the restroom where there was air conditioning. The dog died shortly after.

The dog was in the vehicle approximately three hours and thirty-nine minutes.

As for Krages, he sustained some injuries while existing the premises.

He was then transported via EMS to Sebastian River Medical Center. 

Krages was placed under arrest for animal cruelty. He was then transported to the Indian River County Jail without incident.

Animal Control took custody of the deceased dog.



  1. Bellagirl2288

    06/30/2018 at 10:02 pm

    I’m commenting on the poor dog who died after sitting in a very hot car for 4 hours. The piece of SHIT who did this deserves to be strung up by his balls and then beaten for hours and hours until he turns into a bloody pulp!!! But……I wouldn’t want him to die too soon. No…..he should be pulled naked on rocky, dirt roads behind a pickup truck. And just keep driving around till he’s finally dead. BURN IN HELL!!

    • Cyndi

      07/02/2018 at 8:21 pm

      I think we all agree.

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