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Destination Brevard: The Space Tour

NASA Visitor Center photo: Cyndi Lenz

I’m like a kid when I go to Brevard County. I love everything Space. I love everything NASA. Space is what fuels our imaginations. NASA is what makes it possible.

Everything is related to the Space Program. Even the area code is 3-2-1.

I pulled into the Kennedy Visitors Center and I knew I couldn’t go in because I had my dog with me but I wanted to take some fun photos. As I took this photo a man with Santa Hat and a whistle came out. I had no idea he was yelling at me the girl with the red jeep and dog in the car.

“Who me?” I asked

“Yes! Move that car!” I snapped this photo and I left pronto because I certainly do not want to upset a guy with a whistle and a Santa hat. I apologize. I was being a tourist. I’m sure this guys job was to be on the lookout for terrorists with bombs. I know this place is a target. I was just so excited to be there among all the spaceships.

Kennedy Space Center sign Photo: cyndi lenz
Kennedy Space Center
Photo: cyndi lenz

I drove down the street and I found this and it was even better!

Mercury sign

This made me so happy. Last year I watched the miniseries “The Astronaut Wives Club” and I became obsessed with the history of the beginning of the space program.


When I was kid we drove down here from Massachusetts to watch a rocket take off and I’m still doing it today.

Other museums that I am putting on my list for the next trip is:

The Sands Space History Center, f/k/a/ The Air Force Space and Missile History Center

US Space Walk of Fame Museum

Here is a trailer to a wonderful documentary about Space

30 minute documentary about the importance and future of human space exploration. A discussion. A Maryanne Galvin film. Edited by Chris Valentine. Introduction and closing statement by Leonard Nimoy. Animation by Stephen Whittle.

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