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Breaking News

Breaking news is just that. This where you will find all the up to date posts regarding our local news. We especially focus on our local crime so you will see a lot of posts from:

  • Martin County Sheriff
  • Stuart Police Department
  • The Port St Lucie Police
  • St Lucie County Sheriff
  • Brevard County Sheriff.

We are also on the lookout for Bolo’s, scam alerts, missing children and senoirs. Do not forget that all our news also gets sent to our county and city pages so if you miss a day you can go and get caught up.

We try to keep it relevant and focused on what’s going on around here. There are plenty of places for National news but there is only one place for free treasure coast news and that’s right here.

Our News is free and your more than welcome to sign up for alerts or a daily digest. You can sign up for an alert on the post.  You can also sign up for a free daily digest on the right hand side of our front page at