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We feature Amelia Grant who is one of our local experts.

About Amelia:

Nationally published (USA) author and Landscape Architect (registered in Georgia) I am a major market girl. Born and raised in Atlanta, GA.
Several years ago, my husband and I returned from our annual sojourn to Maui and decided we had to get the heck out of the big city. So, he retired and we relocated to the Treasure Coast.

I had been coming to Southeast Florida on business for 25 years or so and my college roommate lives in Hobe Sound.

[caption id="attachment_26295" align="alignnone" width="4160"] Gallardia[/caption]

I had been here, Larry had not.. so, we looked around, he loved it, we bought a house and relocated. Now my satellite radio gets stuck on Margaritaville (I had nothing to do with this – it is karmatic.)

I have practiced Landscape Architecture for over 30 years and found the dearth of useful information on plants and landscaping for the Treasure Coast in general to be troubling, I knew a lot about what grows here, have learned a lot more and wanted to share the knowledge; hence the blog.

I love plants, fun facts, semi healthy food, wine and dogs. The complete lack of winter and local produce sweeten the deal. The proximity to the beach sealed the deal.