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Turf Maintenance

Royal Green Landscape & Pest Management, Inc.
Address: 4244 Bandy Blvd Unit E3, Fort Pierce, Florida
Short Business Description: Royal Green offers Landscape Fertilization, Insect, Weed, and disease control. We now offer INTERIOR PEST CONTROL as well!
Long Business Description:

Welcome to Royal Green! We Treat Your Lawn Like Royalty!

Royal Green has a reputation for upholding excellence everywhere we go. This is what we specialize in. All of our employees are “Green Industries” BMP State Certified, have their DACS Fertilizer cards, and we have an ISA Certified Arborist, FNGLA Certified Horticulture Professional and Palm Management Certificate holder from UF.
Get rid of those pesky pests.
Pest control in South Florida is a must; with our warm climate, these pests breed and multiply year-round. Managing pests in your home is part of being a Floridian, these pests love the weather as much as we do.

Our program puts the safety of you, your children, and your pets first. The initial Royal Flush includes a thorough inspection inside and out, to find current infestations, possible harborages, nests and entry points for pests. Then we will complete any minor exclusion (caulking gaps) work to help prevent pests from getting in. Inside we will use a series of baits and dust in areas inaccessible to your pets and/or children. We also apply bait in attic. The exterior perimeter will be sprayed to create a barrier to stop any new pests from getting into your home. The exterior will also be swept for spiderwebs, mud daubers and wasps nests. No confusing packages to choose from, we treat all our pest control customers to the highest standards with guaranteed work at an affordable cost.

If you would like to learn about the most common household pests, stop by our Pest Gallery page.

*Flea and tick treatments are only done if there is a current infestation and may be subject to additional charge.

**Rodents are additional charge”


South Florida offers a wide array of tropical and sub-tropical plants to create stunning landscapes. To keep these landscapes beautiful supplemental fertilization, pest and disease management is a must. Our Urban FL soils don’t offer much in the way of nutrition for your plants. With poor nutrient holding capacity and an alkaline pH, the process is not so much about applying fertilizers but applying the RIGHT fertilizers. Royal Green has an ISA Certified Arborist to oversee any issues and keep us up to date with all the new technologies related to tree and shrub care and is responsible for customer blending all our fertilizers. All our technicians are experienced and have received extensive training. All are State Certified, DACS Certified, and Green Industries Best Management Practices Certified.

Nutrition is only a small part of protecting the value and integrity of your ornamentals. There are constant insect and disease pressures. There are one new insect species introduced to Florida every five weeks. With regular newly arriving pests and climate conducive to year-round breeding, I am sure you can see how insect management is imperative. (click here to learn more about common plant pests) Then you add in a heavy downpour and humid conditions, which cause leaf tissue to remain wet for an extended period and you have a whole host of fungal pathogens that needed to be managed. (click here to learn about common plant diseases)

Royal Green’s quarterly program addresses all these issues. Our program is second to none. Like our turf program, we treat your trees and shrubs pro-actively; we know there are always insects and always diseases so to keep your shrubs protected we do preventative treatments. We treat with miticide, insecticides, fungicides, horticulture oil, spreader sticker, quick and slow-release fertilizers, and chelated micronutrients with every service. We use contacts and systemics to control any existing problems and keep you protected until the next treatment.

One of the many benefits of living in South Florida is being able to have a beautiful green lush lawn year-round. Many of you have found that is not as easy as it sounds. With brutally hot summers, long droughts, constant weed and insect pressures, and excessive rain events can make having that dream of beautiful lush lawn almost feel like a nightmare. It is time to hire a professional! We don’t have a magical mixture we can treat your property with that will solve all your problems with one shot. What we have is a comprehensive program based on science with proven field results that can bring your landscape to its full potential. All our technicians are experienced and have received extensive training. All are State Certified, DACS Certified, and Green Industries Best Management Practices Certified.

How do we get our lawns so green? Our Lawn Program (like all our programs) is designated to be pro-active. Our regular year-round services by highly trained specialists, with scientifically calculated fertilization, weed and insect treatments take the guesswork out of having that beautiful lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors.

We are locally owned and operated family business, we don’t have any shareholders to account too; we don’t skimp on products in an attempt to raise the bottom line a percent. Our mission is to surpass the expectations of our customers by building local relationships through service and products of the highest quality and value.

When we treat your turf for bugs and broadleaf weeds we treat the entire lawn “spot treat as needed” is a code other companies use for it never gets done, Royal Green doesn’t play that game, we treat the entire turf every time. We custom blend all our fertilizers for each round and to your specific lawn. All our Techs are trained to do so, we keep the raw materials on the trucks, so the mix can be adjusted on site when necessary. The full residential program consists of 7 treatments per year and includes fertilizer, insect control, broadleaf weed control, and grassy weed control.


Royal Green offers each of our commercial customers a personal contract to manage services for your account. A single source of contact means faster and more precise response. All our technicians are experienced and have received extensive training. All are State Certified, DACS Certified, and Green Industries Best Management Practices Certified. Our commercial fertilization, insect and weed control programs are time-tested and proven to be highly effective. Our commercial programs can be tailored to suit any budget.

Business Website Address:
Twitter URL: @RoyalGreenLP
Business Phone Number: 772-334-1144