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Kat Duesterhaus 🙋🏼‍♀️Real AF Creator 🙍🏼‍♀️🤳🏼 🎥 YouTube.com/SocialButterflyAgency 📷 Instagram.com/Kat.TV 📃 TreasureCoast.comActivist 💪🏻🙎🏼‍♀️ 📝 Secretary, SART Martin County https://goo.gl/nGzyzM 🗣 Advocate, SART Palm Beach County https://goo.gl/9xxYbmEntrepreneur 👩🏼‍💻 🦋 Owner, SocialButterflyAgency.com 🌐 Co-Owner, TreasureCoast.com➕ Connect With Me On Social Media 👍🏼 Facebook Facebook.com/KatDuesterhaus Facebook.com/SocialButterflyAgency Facebook.com/TreasureCoast Facebook.com/ElliottMuseum Facebook.com/EliteBusinessAssociates 📷 Instagram Instagram.com/KatDuesterhaus Instagram.com/SocialButterflyAgency Instagram.com/Kat.TV Instagram.com/TreasureCoastNews Instagram.com/TheElliottMuseum 🐦 Twitter Twitter.com/KatDuesterhaus Twitter.com/SocialButterflyAgency Twitter.com/Tc_com Twitter.com/ElliottMuseumFL 💼 LinkedIn LinkedIn.com/in/KatDuesterhaus LinkedIn.com/SocialButterflyAgency 👻 Snapchat @KatDuesterhaus 📍 Google+ @KatDuesterhausWhile attending Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, Kat’s paintings about sexual violence were heavily criticized by both her peers and Otis faculty, which drove her to disrupt an institution she saw as an unsupportive environment for survivors of sexual violence.Kat says she used tactics borrowed from guerrilla warfare tactics, and after several extremely controversial projects — adding unsolicited commentary and critique to art left overnight for a juried show, critiquing the senior most faculty for their body of work (her education) in lieu of allowing them to further critique hers, secretly making a 5’10” hand flipping up the middle finger and placing it at the entrance to the graduating class’ exhibit — Kat received failing grades for her senior year.Kat did eventually earn her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts 10 years, and $127,000 in student loan debt later, though Kat insists she regrets none of it.After moving to Florida in 2015 and starting a Marketing and PR business — Social Butterfly Agency — Kat shifted her focus to to social media and visual storytelling. Her clients are mostly non-profits, and Kat says that is preferred.“I work exclusively with people, companies, and organizations operating ethically and for the greater good.” - Kat DuesterhausKat became the first social media reporter for the Treasure Coast area, hired by Gannett (USA Today) to cover ArtsFest 2016 for Luminaries Magazine’s Facebook Page. Her unusual interview with celebrity Jazz Flutist Nestor Torres kept true to her personality — it included a discussion about Nichiren Buddhism and chanting “nam-myoho-renge-kyo” with Torres.Kat continued to broadcast LIVE on Facebook as a freelance reporter after Luminaries Magazine discontinued the use of paid reporters. In 2016, Kat provided social media coverage for Molly’s House Polo Classic, the Elliott Museum’s Classics at the Beach car show, and the Stuart Sailfish Regatta.On August 8th, 2016, Kat published “Gifts From My Anonymous Stalker” — a video about her experience in 2015 as a victim of stalking, how she uncovered the perpetrator’s identity, and giving 5 tips for current victims. The video sparked a whole series of additional videos on topics such as finding peace after trauma, personal safety, and empowering people to change the statics on sexual violence.Beside being Co-Owner and Journalist for TreasureCoast.com and @TreasureCoast on Facebook, Kat is an entrepreneur and an activist. She is proud to volunteer as a Survivor and Advocate for the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) in Palm Beach County and serves as a board member and as Secretary for the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) for Martin County. Kat owns Social Butterfly Agency - a Marketing and PR agency specializing in social media - and is Chair of the Elite Business Associates."I promise to always report truthfully, and not shy away from tough issues. If you want to suggest my next story, please email newsroom@treasurecoast.com" - Kat Duesterhaus

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