Originally from Boston. I grew up around the area. I went to a little private prep school in Harvard Square. I had always intended it to be in journalism but after a trip and a year in Israel I decided on medicine. I went to Nursing School. In my career as a nurse I continued to write. I wrote multiple programs, policies and procedures etc. I have been outspoken for the rights of patients and especially about Mental illness. About ten years ago I went to Film School and became a documentary film maker. I have worked on some films with national implications that have won many awards. My own documentary won multiple awards and played around the world. My passion is documenting the truth. In my nursing jobs I do assessments and then document. No fake news in those. What it is is what it is. Writing the truth is part of my daily life. I think because I am a nurse it gives me a different take on the world. It also gives me a take on the truth. It has made me always be aware of my tolerance and if I feel frustrated then that's on me. That means every patient I see is accepted for who they are. Period. As a nurse we have Ethics that we have to follow and I will never break those intentionally. This past year I joined the National Press Photographers Association. They have Ethics also that you must sign to join. I liked that. It keeps us honest.I live in Jensen Beach with my dog Kodi. My favorite food group is coffee.

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