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Toxic Algae: we’re up in arms! Updates!

tToxic Algae Update, MCSO, Beach Hotline photo creditL Hope Marie

Toxic Algae: we’re up in arms! Updates!

June 28,2016

Cyndi Lenz

This morning the owner of the Driftwood Inn had to call incoming clients and tell them what was going on with the water.  She lost hundreds of dollars.  I’m sure there are others.

So far Senator Joe Negron, Gayle Harrell, nor Mary Lynn Magar have mentioned nothing on his Facebook page about this issue.

The only lawmaker we have heard from is Congressman Patrick Murphy. “Our waterways are in crisis.” He said  “While the state is ultimately responsible for water quality, our community has growing concerns with its ability to adequately test the increasing number of significant algal blooms in our waterways. I am calling on the federal government to step in with assistance to the state for sampling and conduct its own assessment of the local water quality because Treasure Coast residents have a right to know what is in our water and if it is a threat to public health,” said Murphy. “This problem has been decades in the making, and there won’t be a solution overnight. But we will not stop fighting until we reach the ultimate goal of sending more clean water south, reducing the need for damaging discharges fueling toxic algae growth. However, we can’t do it alone. Governments at all levels must recognize the disaster facing our area and work together to protect our environment.” http://patrickmurphy.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx

Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy
photo credit: Cyndi Lenz

The toxic algae is not only in the river but its at the beach. It’s everywhere. This could have been prevented.  We have water managers. It is their job to manage the water. They were so nasty to us last year that I wouldn’t be surprised if they just let this happened. This is why SFWMD must be investigated. Memo’s and communication must be sought out.  We need a environmental Spotlight team that is not beholder to propaganda advertisers.  Every member of the Board of Governors needs to resign immediately and Rick Scott needs to appoint people who  understand this issue to come up with people who understand the issue and will start doing something immediately to fix this. This not acceptable on any level.

This is  purposeful destruction. I do not know what else it could be when your entire legislature refuses to protect you. When the people who manage the water ignore you. When your local legislators can’t even be bothered to post about it on their Facebook page. There is something very wrong here. Very wrong.

Last night I went to two forums for US Congress. I heard Jonathan Chance tell us what needs to be done to fix this issue. (Randy Perkin’s could not even be bothered to show up and as far as I know he has not gone out on the Indian Riverkeeper’s Boat. He still takes the Republican view. See below.

On the Republican side it was all rhetoric. They blamed it on Obama. I was so sad I had to go home. I thought I was going to start crying so I fled.  If you are running for congress you owe it to your constituents to understand this problem in a non partisan matter. We are not stupid. There are many people you can talk to and learn from but our water cannot be a partisan issue.

The only person last night who knew what was going was Jonathan Chane.

This morning there is a meeting a the Martin County Board of Commission at 9 am.  The public is invited to attend.  You can listen to it live but the more people the better.

From the Martin County Sheriff

Double red flags flying at Hobe Sound, Bathtub Beach, Stuart and Jensen. at all area beaches and lifeguards are encouraging everyone to stay out of the water.

Our deputies continue to work with Martin County Lifeguards to make sure that swimmers stay clear of any algae tainted water.  They are trying to keep people informed and out of harms way.

If you want regular Martin County Beach closure updates, please call the recorded beach hotline at 772-320-3112. It is updated daily.

river warriors that never give up fighting this fight because they know what is going to happen
river warriors that never give up fighting this fight because they know what is going to happen
freshwater fish in the st lucie river
freshwater fish in the st lucie river

I’d like to remind you all  that just last week this was reported to us: The Florida Department of Environment is insisting that the algae in the St Lucie River is not toxic. But their last published test result is from nearly a month ago, and it was from a sample taken in one spot of the river. So  this is something that needs to be addressed because these yahoos have put us all at risk.

With a health alert issued to warn to all residents and boaters to stay out of the water, scientists are weighing in on the potential impacts the cyanobacteria has on the marine life that lives in it like manatees and dolphins and even birds.

Manatee with green algae in his whiskers photo: Rebecca Fatzinger
Manatee with green algae in his whiskers
photo: Rebecca Fatzinger

The blue-green algae can be found at the beaches in Martin County as well, and that is scaring a lot of residents and business owners. The thought of toxic algae on the beaches is bad enough, but the timing couldn’t have been worse. There are now fears that July 4th weekend could get wiped out.

photo credit tabitha power
photo credit Tabitha Power
photo credit:Rebecca Fatzinger
photo credit:Rebecca Fatzinger

The blue-green algae isn’t just a Treasure Coast problem. Tests have confirmed that the algae showing up in Lake Worth is also toxic. And it doesn’t even appear that the beaches are safe. While normally the saltwater of the ocean is enough to kill the bacteria, swimmers were told to stay out of the water at several beaches throughout Martin County due to high levels of blue-green algae.

algaeccarolyn Palm City
Palm City

Please keep your photos and comments coming. Sad to say we have to document everything because next year we’ll be told this is our septic tanks and local run off. They will deny where this algae bloom began and he propaganda people will be back with all their BS.

If your business is affected the toxic green algae let us know!

You can reach me at newsroom@treasurecoast.com and if that doesn’t work use clenz@mac.com

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