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Algae specks found in Indian River Lagoon

Specks of algae found in Indian River Lagoon

 Algae specks found in Indian River Lagoon

Stuart, Fl- Green specks of algae were spotted floating in the Indian River Lagoon near Hutchinson Island last Thursday. This was after weeks of reports of algae on the St. Lucie River.

Staff members of the Florida Oceanographic Society have been checking the water in the lagoon behind the coastal center on Hutchinson Island every day. They snapped pictures of the green specks of algae floating on the water and immediately put up warning signs telling people to avoid contact with the water in that area.

The Florida Oceanographic Society reported the algae to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection right away.  FDEP’s testing website doesn’t show any sampling done there yet.



  1. jay honan

    07/26/2018 at 10:16 am

    It is also south of the inlet in the ICW. I put my kayak in at Cove Rd. on Sunday and the entire cove in front of the state park was covered in it. Not all matted up but globs of it just floating under the surface for acres. A jack came undone in the kayak and got under the seat. I’m thinking do I reach under there and get fin stuck in this nasty water or do I go to shore and hop out and get him out. I started paddling towards a beach. When I got there the west wind had it all matted on shore. Now what, get out and stand in it or blindly reach under the seat and get stuck. Getting water in a cut nowadays means you might possibly have to get something amputated, or worse. I got out and stood in it. I’m having to make these decisions for what, so the EAA and Big Sugar can have year-round perfect irrigation.

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