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Adopt Malakai! Pet of the Week! Do it!

Adopt Malakai! Pet of the Week! Do it!

Adopt Malakai! Pet of the Week! Do it!

Malakai is a 6 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix who is looking for a special forever home. Malakai’s new home needs to be aware that he has some neurological issues that sometimes prevent him from acting like a “normal” dog. Here in the noisy kennels he will spin constantly until the noise level dies down or he is exhausted (he can frequently be found in his own private “suite” in one of the meet-and-greet rooms where it is much quieter). He’d love for his new home to be a fairly quiet one. When he is with a person Malakai is a very relaxed dog who loves to snuggle and nap. He has quickly become a volunteer favorite due to his sunny disposition and sweet personality. While here at HSTC he has not shown much interest in toys or treats.

If this sweet cuddle-pup sounds like the one for you, come meet him at the HSTC main shelter at 4100 SW Leighton Farm Ave. in Palm City.

Malakai is a HSTC Dolly’s Dream Dog! This means his adoption fee has been sponsored AND he comes with a bunch of extra goodies to help him adjust to his new home. Some of these bonus goodies include a crate and a FREE 6 week training class! To learn more about Dolly’s Dream, please visit


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