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Adopt Daisy! Pet of the Week!

Adopt Daisy! Pet of the Week!

Adopt Daisy! Pet of the Week!

Daisy is a 2 year old  pup who was surrendered by her owners when they were no longer able to provide her the attention she needs. Daisy is one of our long-term residents and she has been in our care since April.

One of the reasons this sweet girl has been here such a long time is that she shows very poorly in her kennel. She is sometimes mistaken for being angry or aggressive, when she’s actually a really sweet playful dog.

This behavior has limited her exposure to the public, so if you’d like to meet you need to ask for her at the front desk. Since a shelter environment is not ideal for Daisy, we have also reached out to more than 100 rescues throughout the state of Florida and so far we have had no luck. She is available for rescue placement or adoption to a very special home.

Come by and meet her! She enjoys visitors!

You can find out more info online at!

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