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Advertise With Us is entering its 12th year and was rejuvenated in mid 2016 Advertise with Us!when we added Cyndi Lenz as Editor and Nick Wilson as Chief Technology Officer. In 2017 we had 486.8K unique visitors who viewed our pages over 1.8 million times. Let us help you captivate, connect and capture with the Treasure Coast market!

THE LOCAL LEADER readers trust us and turn to us for unbiased Treasure Coast News, Events, Local News, business, services, entertainment and more.


We care about our community and the people that live in it. Through  great news reporting, we inform, educate and captivate our audience. When our readers hear our voice, they listen


The publishers and editors at who produce our content are held to the highest of standards. We are experts on many different interests, travel information and local event happenings.


We provide a complete avenue that caters to the needs of our readers. These channels enable our clients to reach out — and be engaged with our digital content. They are loyal and are the backbone to our own brand awareness.


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You can also call Dawn at 304-942-8232

Check out our  Hurricane Center 2018 and advertise with us. Ad’s start at $149 for the whole season!


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