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Social Work: The Movie

social work the movie

A little funny movie to watch at Election Time

Writer’s Guild of America Registration number 1090406


Synopsis: A feminist social worker finds an unconscious conservative boat captain at her front door. He comes to dinner. They end up in the pool. Things go well until they get on the subject of Rebecca job as a social worker for Planned Parenthood. She accuses him of being a republican. Then everything goes downhill.

A long time ago I fulfilled a dream I had and I went to Film School. After film school I went on and honed my editing skills, did an internship with a company that created content for PBS, worked on a friends documentary, made one of my own. Won a bunch of awards. I am lucky to have great support in the film community in West Palm Beach.

I love this little film. My first.There are some goofy parts and parts that still make me laugh. I thank my entire cast and crew!

I processed thru a few things that was bothering me. One is the use of “You People” and the other is people accepting each other for who they are.

We filmed this at my old house in Boca. It was after Frances and before Jeanne. The screens were blown out and the pool was not heated.

Here is the trailer:

Here’s the Movie! Enjoy!

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