Former deputy arrested for DUI

Former deputy arrested for DUI

Don W. Robinson resigned his position as deputy sheriff prior to turning himself in to the Indian River County Jail yesterday.  He was arrested on a warrant for DUI which was issued yesterday following a traffic crash investigation. 


Sheriff Deryl Loar indicated that he would have been terminated if he had not resigned. “The public rightfully holds us to a high standard.  The behavior exhibited by Robinson does not meet the high standard of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Loar stated.  


Robinson (27) of Vero Beach was not on duty and was reportedly involved in a single vehicle crash on August 28, 2013. The crash occurred near the 4800 block of U.S. 1 at approximately 1:30AM. Indian River County Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Keitz noted that he saw the crashed 2010 white Nissan pickup in the bushes.  Deputy Keitz reported that Robinson was out of the vehicle by the time he arrived, he was unsteady on his feet, and there were no other occupants in the truck.  A semi truck driver later reported that he saw Robinson exit the vehicle and he helped him from the bushes. The truck driver stated he did not see anyone else in Robinson’s truck.


Robinson was transported to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center with a head injury and later told a traffic crash investigator, Deputy Doug Mackenzie, he did not remember anything about the crash.  His medical records were obtained by subpoena and his blood alcohol was .250 approximately 45 to 60 minutes after the crash.


Since the crash, Robinson had been on administrative leave while the medical records were obtained and the investigation took place.  He resigned via email yesterday, October 21, 2013.  Robinson turned himself in at the county jail, was booked in, and released on $500 bond.


Sheriff Deryl noted, “We have an obligation to the citizens of Indian River County to enforce the laws equally. Our deputies know there is no special treatment extended to anyone because of their status as an employee of the agency.  While I certainly do not like to see a young deputy such as Robinson throw away his career, I have to consider what would happen if no action was taken and the next time he hit another vehicle and hurt or killed someone.”


Robinson’s home address and booking photo are redacted in accordance with Florida statute.  

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