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Connecting our Communities

Connecting our Communities

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Media convergence

In the past consumers were content to wait hours, even days for a print publication to deliver their local news.  For the team behind TreasureCoast.com “convergence” is much more than a buzzword. It is the future of local news.

No matter how much the world changes and the technology to deliver news evolves there is a bright future ahead for providers who can deliver  news from a variety of sources.  People will always want a source for local news.


Our publisher and president of TreasureCoast.com, founded one of the largest privately held Internet Service Providers in Chicago. He  developed it into a motivating force.  Instrumental in helping more than 5,000 websites with design, hosting, and marketing, and enjoyed watching many of his clients  take advantage of the internet boom as it grew.  After selling the company and moving to Florida, he founded TreasureCoast.com.  He shares his vision for this site:

“TreasureCoast.com will be the first place online to look for local EVERYTHING.”


TreasureCoast.com is the place where local businesses can link.  We are committed to the communities of the Treasure Coast.  We are proud to be able to help many local charitable, non-profits, and service organizations promote events and efforts to better our community at large, and to raise awareness of issues that concern our friends and neighbors on the Treasure Coast.

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About us

The newly redesigned TreasureCoast.com website serves the Treasure Coast – Space Coast – Palm Coast  region along Florida’s Atlantic coastline, from Brevard County in the north to Palm Beach County in the south.  This region is among the fastest growing regions in the United States.  It is  is bursting with life, growth, culture, enterprise, and recreation. 

The site highlights Treasure Coast culture, local news, Political Reviews, Events, Real Estate, Fishing Reports, Beach Reports and lots of original content by the locals that you will not see anywhere else.

Treasurecoast.com is connecting our communities from Cocoa Beach to the Palm Beaches.

We are a Regional Internet Portal offering Real Estate, News, Movies, Local Businesses, Local Customers, Classifieds, Weather, Fishing Reports, Interesting Articles, Things To Do and much more.

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Explore www.TreasureCoast.com today and take the scenic route.

TreasureCoast.com is the scenic route to features, destinations, and Treasure Coast weather. Our site changes DAILY to highlight local trends in Real Estate, recreation, lifestyle, and tourism. This Portal is dedicated to community involvement. Our professionals take active leadership roles in efforts and causes to better the quality of life for Treasure Coast residents.

For General Information, News, And Tips Contact: Newsroom@treasurecoast.com

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